Device tag filtering in table

Hello, When I use the Filter on a category we call “Sell To” in our device table, the search sometimes only find 1 name, in this example you can see there are many more than just 1

Only when I can find the “Exact” field name from the source device, and then paste it in exactly, will the filter now add the new option (in this case it was “Westlake Pipe &…”) until I copied and pasted in the exact name, the filter would only find and show me ONE choice “Westlake Pipe and…”, after messing with it for over an hour, then now all these other west options show up - very very strange and annoying!

So based on what you are typing into that input atop the “sellToName” column, we are offering a list of suggested values for that tag based on all the unique values for it within your application. To avoid cluttering up the interface, we also display a maximum of 5 values at a time; the thinking there is, if you need to get more specific, you will likely type additional characters to find the value you are looking for.

In your case, I wouldn’t think you’d have to type the full, exact value you are looking for - and in my own testing, I do not have to do so either. Once I type “westl”, that filters the column down to two possible values, one of which is your desired result.

So that said, I’m not able to reproduce the issue you are describing, sorry. If you can get a screen capture of it happening, maybe that will help me understand the problem a little better.

I just shared the history but it was rejected

Please let me know how I can show you the history- I have it all

Seems I can only provide minimal screenshots, so this might be good enough- as step 1, of the problem0 you can see both Westlake Pipe and and Westlake Pipe & existed, but only the Westlake Pipe and would show up – I have about 5 other screenshots of my attempt to force the search, but only when I copied from the device itself, and typed in the EXACT sell to, did it find the “Westlake Pipe &…”

Does this help you diagnose what is going wrong and why it seems delayed to in finding a device? It was newly created….so maybe it needs time to populate through the systems? If so, what time frame do you suspect a new name needs to populate through?

So looking at your screenshot, I also see a value in the input for the “equipmentSerial” tag. When querying devices in this table, it is doing an “AND” query to match against all provided parameters. That would explain why you see multiple tag values matching your characters in the “sellToName” but one of the values would not return any devices (as those devices would also have to match the “equipmentSerial” query.

I’m wondering if it’s working through your flow because you are visiting a device’s detail page to get the value of that tag and then, instead of using your browser’s “Back” button (which would retain your previous search behavior), you are instead clicking “Devices” in the application subnav (which would take you to the original, unfiltered list)?

I PM’ed you an email address where you can send a recording of the problem; if I can have that, I might have more insight or will be able to reproduce the bug.

No recording available, I just took screenshots as I asked a colleague for help – maybe I did leave the “serial” value in? I don’t recall now…but you are right, I see it is still there while I typed in a name search- and so YES- that would explain why no other items came up…maybe that is it???

It happens on occasion, but maybe it has been user error with me “forgetting “ to clear?

There is no “clear” is there? I am always looking for one, but just manually back space…I think it is easy to forget to backspace….

You’re right, we should add some sort of overall indicator that filters have been applied to the table, with an option to easily clear them. If you have a table displaying enough columns to require horizontal scrolling, it would be possible to have a filter applied in a column header but not see that filter onscreen. I will make a feature request with our UI team to get that added. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hello Dylan!

I’m not a pro at using the help and forum- so I apologize if I’m being redundant with this email?

I posted a question/feature request/bug fix for the data explorer option we have integrated into our use case. Our users are finding it tricky to use, and I tried to explain some of the issues and added a “feature request” to overcome the challenge of trying to select the data and time.

Please let me know if I posted this correctly, and if this it what I should do or if there is a way to ask questions or submit support requests.