[Solved] Weird behavior on the block table


I have a weird behavior on the block table.
I have a table with devices and their respective attributes and tags.
For some reason when I add only one tag in the table - no problem I can see it fine.
But when I add 2 tags, then the value of the latest added tag overtakes the value of the first tag.
Is that normal?



I’m assuming you’re talking about the device state table block here? If so, the behavior I’m seeing is that the tags are inclusive, meaning any device that matches any of the selected tags is returning in the table.

So, for example, I have Device A with the tags foo=abc and bar=123, and I have Device B with the tags foo=def and bar=456`.

In my block config, if I set my tag query to be foo=abc and bar=456, that should return both devices in the table.

Is this not the behavior you’re seeing, or am I not understanding the issue correctly?



Hey Dylan,
It seems like my explanation was not clear.
So indeed I am using the device state block.
The issue is that I would like to have a couple of columns with the value of different tags in them. In your example it would be a column foo and a column bar. Unfortunately, it seems like it just load the tags once and you can only but one column with tags. See the screenshots below:
1 tag-column - it works fine

2 tag-column - it gives me one value for both columns

Thanks for your feedback



Thanks for the extra info. I see the issue you’re describing and am working on a fix now. I’ll keep you posted.

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I just deployed a fix for the issue you identified; refresh your browser and you should be able to use the tags columns as expected now.

Thanks for the bug report, and let us know if you run into any other issues!



It works great! Thanks Dylan.
On the same topic, I was wondering how I could define the width of the columns of the table? I don’t see anything about it.



No way to adjust the column widths for now, but it’s on our roadmap to bring that functionality into the tables.

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