Embedded Dashboard Missing Device Tag Data

Hi - hope you can help me here. I’m trying to use the embedded dashboard feature for our production floor webpage (not public accessible), and finding it does show all the data.

Here is a device table as seen from the dashboard directly:

Here is the same device table as seen from the embedded element in the webpage:

As you can see, it only shows the tag from one device, the device that is set as the default context. It will not show the Tags for the other devices as it does when viewing the dashboard directly.

I have tested this with no context variables defined (and no tags show up on the embedded version), and also made sure other values show up, such as device name, and device attributes. This issue seems to be isolated to just device tags.

Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @Stephen_Earthy !

How is this Device List dashboard block configured? For your “TAG” column, are you using the Device Tag column?

I was using a custom column with this syntax as the value entry (I eventually want to do some formatting and add a link using Markdown, etc.):

And since you mentioned a Device Tag column, I added one, and viola, my custom column started working! It started working even in other blocks I had created looking for that tag!

So, it seems it works as long as I include a Device Tag type column for the same tag I’m trying to use in a custom column. I switched the Device Tag type column to another tag other than the one I am using in my custom column, and it stopped working again, so the Device Tag column has to set to the same tag you want to use in custom columns. I can work with that.


For clarification, the reason for this is to avoid potentially exposing sensitive information stored on device tags. We send all the device’s tags in the response (and thus they are available in the Custom column type) when viewing the dashboard as a user who has permissions for its backing application.

For public users, we only send tag information for any tags that are explicitly included in the block config, by way of you including a column specifically for that tag. That in turn means they’re on the device object and available in the Custom column.

I could swear we had some documentation and help text in the interface around this; I’m filing a ticket to add this clarification.