Showing Device Tag in the Block Header Text of Device State Table

Hi, I want to display some of the device tags in the Block Header Text of Device State Table, and if possible have these device tags added to the csv downloaded file. Is there a way to do that?

Just to make sure I understand - you are asking if the values of tags returned for devices matching the Device State Table’s device query can be displayed in the block’s header?

Those results are not directly available in the block header; bear in mind that this block can display data for multiple devices matching given IDs and/or tags - so the question would then become, which device and which tag to display.

Now, I said “not directly available” because, if you are using context variables in your dashboard, you can reference those values within the block header.

For example, given a device ID variable with the “Include full device info in context” option selected, you could display a tag value for that device in the block header using the following syntax:


Hi @Dylan_Schuster, thanks for the tips! I was able to display a tag value in the block header using the syntax you provided. However, when I downloaded the data as a CSV file, it was named ‘DASHBOARD_NAME-ctx_device_id_0_tags_TAGNAME.csv’ instead of including the tag value in the file name. Is there a way to include the tag value in the file name?

I see what you mean; it’s not resolving those context variable values when building the CSV file name. I’ll file a ticket and see if we can get that resolved. Thanks.

Thank you! Please kindly let me know once the issue is resolved.

@David_Santoso just letting you know that a resolution for this went out in our Thursday release. We’re now resolving the current context variable values when generating an export CSV now.

Thanks for the detailed report and let us know if you have any questions!

Hi @Dylan_Schuster, this is awesome. Thanks so much!