Device List Block Column Header Template

I was hoping to use a device’s attribute tag for the display name in dashboard lists and other blocks, but the Header template for the column does not seem to recognize the template, but the Row template does recognize the template (in the example ‘Relay Mode’ can be appended to the row value, but the same template does not appear in the header). Is there a way to get an Attribute Tag to display in the header for the column?

The reason is because the Device List Block returns multiple devices, so when it comes to using {{attribute.attributeTags.displayName}} in a header, which of the returned devices’ value do you use for that tag (which also assumes that the device in question even has that attribute defined on it)?

You’re able to reference the value per row because each individual row in the table represents one device. If you changed your query to return more devices, it would display the unique “displayName” attribute tag as set on each device.

Now, if you were use a device ID context variable on your dashboard with the “Include full device info in context” checkbox checked, you could reference the value of that device/attribute combination’s “displayName” attribute tag. See attached.

Thanks for the quick response!
That makes perfect sense and will try the device context variable.
Thanks again,