Device Tags in Device state table block

I have a column configured as Device Tags as shown:

The preview shows:

I have tried using the helper valueByKey to get just one of the tags, but without success.
Any examples you can show?


Am I correct in assuming that you’re using a Device List Block?

When setting a source for a Device Tag Column, you just need to type in a single tag:

Could you please confirm which block you are using? A screenshot of the rest of your configuration would be helpful, as well.

Thank you,

The “Device State Table” block

Ah, okay. I’m with you now.

So, what you’re seeing is the whole list of the device tags. {{format value}} is is just json-stringifying value. To get a single device tag to show, you’ll do something like:

Where there is a tag on this device with a key of key and a value of value.

Please let me know if this helps.


I knew there had to be an easier way…
Couldn’t find that anywhere in the documentation though.

I’m good now.


Also, kind of related to this state block. When selecting the settings gear to download the data as CSV, it seems to name the file as Dashboardname+BlockName.
Is there a way to modify that?


There is not a way to change this right now.