Bulk device import

This looks like a bug.

We are importing bulk devices from a recipe by uploading a CSV with custom values for tags. The key/value pairs for the tags look correct on the preview. Then after import, the value for the first column of the csv representing one of the tags repeats for about half the records, and another value for the other half. The tag values are all unique in the preview as they should be. But the imported result causes the values of those two tags to be repeated over and over. It appears that the first tag value in the first row repeats and then the second tag value about halfway down then repeats for the remainder.

Its very odd and hard to describe!

Hi @paul_wareham,

Is this continuing to happen each time you import the same CSV? I am going to try to document this, so any steps towards replication would be great!


We have not attempted to import the same csv only to avoid creating a large number of duplicates.

If you’d like to PM I could share an import file if you’d like to attempt to recreate in a sandbox?

Hi @paul_wareham,

The fix for this did go out with the new Platform Release yesterday. Thank you so much for your patience, and for pointing out this bug!

Have a great day,

Excellent. It works!