Bulk csv export of device data?

It’s super easy to export individual device data via the Devices-> Data -> Request data export option.

Is there an equivalent export request for a group of devices?

I’ve tried the Data Explorer by selecting a group of devices by a Tag but it seems to freeze the browser.



Hi @paul_wareham,

It was recommended that this be done in the Notebook Input configuration. You can select the devices you would like as well as configure which attributes (if you’d like) and the length of state data to return (30 days, 90 days, etc.). Then you can request a data export from the page of this data.



I’ve tried this but and it accepted the request, however its been about 3 hours and I have not received the email with the download link.

Hi @paul_wareham, I just tried this out and got one immediately. Are you still having issues?


No I could not get it to work at all. I still haven’t gotten the email after a day in between. I made two separate attempts.

Maybe it went to quarantine but i do get the other export reports on the same email address via the Devices tab.

I just tried it again, but instead reduced it down to one device only and I got the email immediately.

However my tag query did not work. It is in the form expressed in the photo attached.

FYI I later tired a device tag resulting in a small group of devices and it worked.

Soon I think the platform may just overwhelmed by the number of devices chosen (400 devices) and all its attributes for 90 days.

Hi @paul_wareham,

I still haven’t been able to reproduce ( been trying ). However, for now, I’m tossing to the Losant Eng team to see if anything is wrong.

Could you send me your application ID?

I will PM that to you

@anaptfox sorry I could PM you. Is there another way to get that to you?


You should try this again now to see if you still have issues. We pushed out a fix that should solve your issue :slight_smile:

that’s working now.

thank much

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