[Solved] Device Export - limited to first 51 items?

Hi guys,

I’m new to Losant and am trying to export around 100 devices to a csv for some offline processing. The export works, but only gives me the first 51 items, which seems to correlate with the device “paging” in losant. I’ve tried exporting from the second and third pages, but I only get the first 51 items ie. I don’t get the remaining items and the display “page” has no effect.

How do I export all devices?


Are you using the Export Device link at the top of the device page? Where it emails you a CSV file? If so, that is supposed to send you a CSV containing every device in your application. If you are doing that, and you are not getting a CSV file with every device, could you let me know your Application ID, so I can take a look and see what is going on? Thanks!

Yes, I am using the export device option. Yes, I receive an email link to a csv. No, the csv does not contain all devices, just the first page (51 items)

Application Id:



I took a look at your application - there are only 51 devices total in the application. I think you might be confusing the count in the upper right of the list for the count of devices on that page - that count is actually the total count across all pages (for whatever filter or search you are currently using). So when there is no filter or search, that is actually the total count of all devices in the application. Only 25 devices are displayed at a time, which is why there are 3 pages on the device list view. So the device export is correctly giving you a CSV of 51 devices. Sorry about the confusion over that count!

Doh! You’re right. I saw the “51 items” listed and thought it was 51 per page.

No problem, glad there wasn’t actually an issue!