Export current device attribute list for all devices

I am super green to Losant, I am caught in a delima where I need to get information at the same time I am learning how to use it. Kind of like not knowing how to drive and jumping in the driver’s seat of a car while it’s going down the highway.

Anyway I need to get a list of all of our devices and the most current attributes associated with those devices. Until I learn how to write code/workflows in Losant I need to export this info in CSV format.

Please help point me in the right direction.

Hi @Dave_Blaylock !

The easiest way to do a one-time CSV export of this data without constructing a workflow is to utilize the Data Explorer. You can select specific devices (or by device tags), select attributes, choose a resolution and aggregation method, and then under All Data (Table) tab, you can view a table of the selected devices, and export to CSV.

There are a number of ways to export this data using workflows, once you’re ready to go down that road. Give me a few and I’ll put together a simple workflow to get you started.