Additional options in Device Data Export api

From the schema:

I don’t see any option to include the Name of the device, or the tags that are currently against the device. Would it be possible to add these to the options section?
includeName: boolean
includeDeviceTags: string (list of all device tag’s keys wanted to be included)

Whilst I’m asking this question, could future proof by including other device properties like createdAt and lastUpdatedAt

I’ll pass your suggestions on as a feature request; one bit of weirdness here though is that the schema you are referencing (from the Data: Export call) returns time series data, and properties such as the device name and device tags are not (we only store their current values, not their values at different points in time).

You can, currently, get the meta information you are seeking using the Devices: Export API call.

Yep, I’m after a csv containing all historical device data for a customer. I’ve previously tried using timeseries api, however I ran into issues with workflow taking too long to complete. So my only alternative is the data export api.

I’m after a complete csv as this gets sent to the customer. They are not a losant user but rather a user of my application so the losant device ID would be of little use. I could also send a Devices: Export but its not a good customer experience if they have to use another file to lookup what devices their device data belongs to. Also would help with filtering the data in the csv.