Data Export from Application Experience

Hi, is there a way to allow Experience Users to download historical data from a chosen attribute (e.g. one of the attributes shown in graph) in the Application Experience Dashboard?


Hi @David_Santoso, and welcome to the Losant Forums!

The Device State Table Block has a “Download as CSV” option in its dropdown, and that would allow your users to get the data displayed in that block as an export file. But besides that, there is no direct way within a dashboard to request a data export.

Fortunately, what you’re after is easy to do through an Experience Endpoint that fires an Experience Workflow. You can add a button or a simple form to an Experience Page that, when clicked, hits that endpoint and fires the workflow, which would do something like …

  1. Fires off an Endpoint Trigger.
  2. Validates the user request (using a Validate Payload Node, a Device: Verify Node, possibly others). You just want to make sure the user making the request has permission to view the data in the request.
  3. Hits a Losant API Node and the Data: Export action. You’ll need to pass through the Experience User’s email address and other options for the request.
  4. Ends with an Endpoint: Reply Node telling the user to check their email in a bit for the data export.

Hopefully that’s enough to point you in the right direction. Reach out if you have any more questions, and once again, welcome to Losant!

Thanks @Dylan_Schuster, the Device State Table Block is a good workaround for now. I still have a few other questions, but will create a new post for each topic.