Show device tags/attributes in Device List Widget


It would be very helpful to be able to show additional device attributes in the Device List Widget in the Dashboard and also under Application -> Main and Application -> Devices -> Show All Devices.

Reason being, when you are looking for specific devices, you might want to identify it by an attribute such as Location, Version Number, and number of other identification parameters.

Device name and ID is usually not specific enough for me.

So the feature will be to have the option to add Columns to the Device list widget choosing Device Tag, Device Attributes, or perhaps even Alerts.

I know that it is possible to filter by search using tags, but visually it is nice to have all the information in a nice Table.


I would really appreciate it if Losant would reconsider adding an user-defined attribute/tag column to the Device List widget. As Tom wrote, the device id that’s shown, as well as the attribute count, isn’t useful when identifying a specific device. I’d really like to see the “Device Description” value, at a minimum.

As a side note, a fresh Device List widget does show a description of each device under the device name. Unfortunately, as soon as the widget is configured to link to a custom dashboard URL, the description disappears.

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Hi @Paul_Muschick,

I will give this feature request a plus one for our engineers, and update you as to if it is implemented. I think it would be a very beneficial feature!

I also was able to replicate the description disappearing, I will report this bug to our engineering team as well.


Wow, thanks for the quick reply, @JuliaKempf

While displaying a user-selectable attribute would be nice, of course, just having the device description back in the widget when using a custom dashboard URL would be a nice usability improvement by itself.

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Hi @Paul_Muschick,

I just wanted to follow up and let you know this bug was resolved in our recent Platform Update! Thank you again for your patience, and for reporting this to us :partying_face:

Have a great day,