Dashboard - Bug


I am passing a condition to show a value in a block of type “Device list” on the Dashboard. The data is visible in the Dash, but not in the experience. This is the same dash, would you have an idea how to solve it?

Follow the code that I pass in the Custom field:



Device Tag

Hi @Andressa_Borre,

I am looking into this now and trying to replicate. In the meantime, could you perhaps look at the page using Dev Tools and see if anything looks unusual?

Thanks so much!

Hi, I did the following test:
I pass to the “position” column some information that is in the examples and I noticed some things:

Some variables like {{device.description}}, {{device.tags.name_tag.[0]}} and {{device.deviceClass}} for example, appear in the dash but not in experiense, since {{device.id}} and {{device.name}} appear in both places.

Hello, Julia,

I really couldn’t understand the reason for this behavior but I managed to resolve the situation using the deviceTag instead of Custom. In this case, it passes the following expression:

Anyway, I appreciate the attention.