Throttling of Data: Export API node in workflow


I’m currently having issues implementing CSV export via the API node of in my Losant workflows.

I am currently trying to implement automation of data export by end users by creating a widget which takes an email address as an input and creates a CSV export using the API node (configured to Data: Export call).

I’m finding that this API call is aggressively throttled - I am essentially only able to run the workflow once (!) per day. I don’t expect that the export workflow would be called more than once per device per day, but this does seem too conservative? It’s also affecting my ability to test this workflow for release.

Is there a workaround for allowing multiple calls of this API call through the workflow per day?

I have also looked into using the newly added CSV node to generate emails for device data, but have found the string format output of this node to be incompatible with excel without any third party formatting. As a result, the CSV node doesn’t seem like the correct solution in my case (where I want to directly email the CSV results in a human/excel readable formatting).

Data exports are a common request we are getting from our users, so any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Ben_Sinclair,

Unfortunately, there is not currently a way around this limit. I will create a ticket for our engineering team to shorten it from 24 hours to something shorter. I will let you know if this is implemented and if the limit decreases.


Hi Julia,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m also finding that the limit is not restricted to a device ID bat rather to the node itself.

What this means for me in my example is that I can’t use a single workflow to export data of multiple devices, as the node itself is throttled, not the feature of exporting a given device.

This also makes developing more difficult than anticipated, I essentially get an opportunity once every 24 hours to run the workflow and check the output.


Hi Julia,

Apologies, it appears I’ve had the wrong call here.

Data: Export appears to be wrong, Device: Export is more lightly throttled and appears to be throttling to per device not per workflow. User error!

You can close this support ticket off.

Thank you,

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