Export of 24 hour stats as CSV or XLS

I need to provide a link on an experience page or dashboard so that my customer can download a file containing the last 4 or 8 hours averages with approx 15 min resolution.

I’ve been looking at the “Time series node”, but wasn’t sure if there was a better direction for me to go.

Any help here would be great.


Hi @Lars_Andersson,

The best approach to this would be to have a button that triggers an Experience Endpoint (we will call it /download) with a workflow for exporting. The Experience Workflow would contain a Time Series Node followed by a CSV Node to format the data and finally an Email Node to send the data to the user.

Let me know how else I can help!

ok, it seems like I was on the right track then

So that endpoint should be: No Static Reply (use experience workflow to reply)

So , I got it to work all the way to emailing just the csv string, but is there a way to format the email so it becomes an email with this csv file as an attachment?

Hi Lars,

There is a forum post here detailing how to do that! :partying_face:


So if I understand that thread correctly, I need to use the HTTP post to sendgrid?

@Lars_Andersson, yes this is correct

OK, I’m almost there, but unsure of how to configure the HTTP post node with my Sendgrid API key or authentication.

I figured it out. I left out the Base64 mutation.

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Just realized that , as far as I can see, theTime Series node only aggregates one attribute at the time.
What options do I have for doing several attributes?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

You may find some of the actions of the Losant API Node to be quite helpful. I would recommend checking out this documentation.


OK, or do you think a Notebook might be a better option?