Device overview filter box

I’m having a hard time using the filter box in the device overview page of the main Losant UI. The box implies that we can search on the value field of the device tags. The search seems to pick up device names very well, but I can’t get it to pickup the results of the device tag value. It simply returns no result when I search for a tag value that I know exists. I’ve tried just inserting the text of the value by itself and also searching for TAG=value but neither works for me.

Am I missing something really obvious?

Hi @paul_wareham,

Just wanted to confirm, you are referring to the filter on this page:


yes @JuliaKempf, that’s correct

Hi Paul,

I do see what you mean, manually typing the key value pair into the filter does not bring the matching devices up the way it does for device names. For tags, there is a pre-populated list that should expand below the filter with key/value tag pairs, the tags must be selected from the list to filter.


Thanks. I suppose that could be another feature suggestion: arbitrary searching for tag values in the device list.

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