Unable to search by tag

I am currently unable to search for devices by a new tag I created even though it is clear that the tags do exist on these devices.

Hi @Ryohei_Namiki,

Welcome to the Losant Forums! To search for tags, you must select a key/value pair from the pre-populated list that expands below the filter (unlike searching for device name). There is also a forum post with this question here.

There is currently a Feature Request to return devices by arbitrary tag search, and I will update you when it has been implemented.


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Hi Julia,

Thanks for the response! I got that I have to select from the drop down list; however, my issue is that my tag that I created is not showing up as a suggestion (ie. typing “Reported” or “Battery” into the search bar return with no suggestions)

Resolved: I think there is some delay between when a tag is created and when it can be searched. Whatever, the case is, I can search the tag now