Create Group Improvements

Could we make group creation easier by allowing Select by tag “group” for devices that haven’t had the group tag applied yet?

I am creating a custom experience that will give full control to the Super Admin end user.

If they create a new group to add devices to I’d like the “Select by IDs and tags …” to allow the input of the newly created group name before devices are tagged.

The flow would be for an end user.

  1. create group
  2. add devices to group
  3. add users to group

They can’t assign devices or users to a group that hasn’t been made yet. I just think it’s weird I can’t make the device association as soon as I make the group.


Is this the same as adding a “ Select by IDs and tags … option with the group tag?

If so, then I guess I have solved my issue.

Hi @Jonathan_Betke,

Yes, you are correct! The Advanced Query Option will allow for your configuration of groups and device tags.