Grouping Devices According to Tags in Device List Component


We are leveraging on the Kanarra experience application concept to build a similar experience for our application. However, we do have a problem with the device list component on the side. As we have over 100 devices, it will be a really long list for our experience users to go through the list and make a selection.

We would like to have the device list grouped according to some associated device tags on the list so that users will be able to expand the group and select the desired device.

Please can you assist with a guide on how to achieve this ? Thank you

Hi @ebuka,

I was just hoping for a bit of clarification and detail on your use case. Are you hoping to create tag groups to more easily display all of your devices on one dashboard? Or are you hoping to give the user the ability to toggle specific groups to only view a list of specific devices? When you say “expand the group,” what are you envisioning?

Feel free to include any additional details about your use case you may find pertinent!


Hello @JuliaKempf

I’ll try explain this further with an scenario. Assuming I have 10 groups with 10 devices within each group and there is a user with a parent group access level capable of viewing all 100 devices. Each of the devices are already tagged and associated with their respective groups.

I would like the user in the parent group to see a list of 10 groups in his own view, then he would be able to toggle each to view and click on the specific device he is interested in.