Data Explorer - Date and TIme selection & Graphics

Hello! The Start and End calendar display seems to get confused, or the times start moving on their own. What may be going wrong to cause such “buggy” behavior? It would help our users if they could select last 1 days, or last 3, last week or last month rather than having to “fight” the calendar tool to explore their data. The “Jump to now” stops working for an unknown reason. Also, when a trend is created, it is very frustrating to have that “bubble” appear right where the curser is, can’t you display the info above the graphics? not where the user is trying to analyze the values? see the attached screenshots Thank you!! Cynthia Mason

Hi @Cynthia_Mason !

It looks like you’re using the Data Explorer experience view from our template library, correct? If so, this Experience view (“tl-data-explorer” by default) is a custom HTML page that you can modify as needed to meet the preferred functionality or specific needs of your users. I don’t know specifically what changes would need to be made to this page to achieve what you’re requesting, but if you or somebody on your team is comfortable with HTML, I’d review the page and see if you can get it customized to better fit your feeds.

That said, this is good feedback, and it looks like our template could benefit from implementing some of these suggestions. I’ll forward this along to the team.

Thank you Sebastian,

We have a consultant that helps us with the HTML programming – but I am trying to pick up both LOSANT and basic HTML, and Java script, Jupiter notebook programming as I have bandwidth.

Could you provide any tips or resources for me to review if I find the time to add these features? Our consultant would probably coach me on editing, but if I had some resources that would be relevant to this edit, I suspect it would go much faster.


Here are a few helpful resources pertaining to Experience views:

If you or your colleague come across any questions while working on your Experience, please let us know and we will be happy to help!