Bug - Data Explorer


I’m having some issues with my data explorer. At first I thought it was the hardware, but after some investigation I now believe it’s the explorer.

If I select a device, with a short time frame of the last day or two. The ‘all data’ tab shows database entries with a timestamp of 1970, and with very frequency transmission intervals (1/10th of a second).

The device is reporting every 2 minutes, the debug logs back this up, and the graph on the data explorer renders the data at the correct intervals, with the correct timestamp.

I have attached screenshots to illustrate.

Hi @ChrisGM,

How is this device reporting state? Are you using a workflow to parse incoming data and then a Device State Output Node to set device state with a custom timestamp?

Is this issue only happening for a specific device or devices with a specific tag? I can open a DM with you if you would like to share the specific Device ID that you are seeing this issue with.

We’re taking a closer look on our end, so any additional information you can provide would be very helpful.

Thank you,


We were able to reproduce this on our end.

I took a deeper look at your application, and due to the device having an attribute named timestamp, the front end is getting confused when displaying the table.

I’ll get this to our engineering team for a fix and follow up with you once we roll an update out.

Thank you,

Thanks Heath.
I can rename the attribute to test if this helps verify, will await for your instruction.

You’re correct, incoming MQTT message, JSON decode, custom function, to Device State.


“Renaming” an attribute would involve you deleting the current timestamp attribute and creating a new one, which would mean that the existing attribute data would be lost.

Having an attribute with the name timestamp is only an issue for this table, and should not have an effect anywhere else in Losant.

You can, however, delete this attribute and make a new one with a new name if this data is not important or is worth displaying future values correctly while we work on a fix.

Thank you,