Historical State Data not Available in Data Explorer

A colleague of mine had seen some strange behavior from one sensor that he was looking at yesterday and sent me this print screen of Peak Amplitudes showing a negative 1 (which should never happen for vibration amplitudes):

In an attempt to troubleshoot this anomaly, I opened up the Data Explorer within Losant and looked back at the time period when his screenshot was taken.
As you can see the data shows up for the sensor when I am looking at the last ~30 minutes:

But when I pull up the data from the time period that was captured in his screen shot nothing shows up… so I do not know if the data was corrupt before or after it hit Losant…

Is this an appropriate use of the data explorer? Is there some setting that I am perhaps messing up so this data is not getting returned correctly?

Hi Leo,

The Data Explorer is seeing no states reported during that time, so it is showing “No Data” for the selected interval. I am seeing the first state for Peak Amplitudes was recorded at 16:00, reported at 3.14; on your graph, this value seems to possibly exist at 15:00. I am not seeing -1 reported on your graph, but I may be missing it completely, can you point to it in your screenshot? :smile:


Apologies I had sent the wrong screen shot this is the one in question:

Hi @Leo_Bach1,

Just debugging a bit, I see no data for that device in your Data Explorer, but it must have been there at some point, otherwise the screenshot wouldn’t exist! :smile: Is it possible that device data was deleted while trying to export it (they are on the same page)? Also, was there device data prior to June 24th at 13:38?

If you are unaware of any data deletion occurring, please let me know, and we will look further into this.


My colleague said he deleted it. :sweat_smile:
I’m glad you asked… I never would have thought that he had done that.
Pretty hard to troubleshoot data that isn’t there.