Introducing the Data Explorer


Today we released the new Data Explorer, which provides a powerful way to quickly inspect your device data. More details can be found the blog article.


Hi Brandon

Pretty cool.

I do have a bit of a usability issue, with the data explorer.

Unlike dashboard widgets I couldn’t see any way of limiting the scale.

A number of our data streams will have sentinel values (outside of the normal operating range) that indicate sensor fail or that a controller couldn’t talk to an ECU. These are typically something like -32768, -128, 128, -256, 256 32768 etc depending on the controller/ECU combination.

For instance a COMAP controller monitoring a PUMP and Diesel engine, may see an RPM value of 32768 or -32768 when the ECU is powered down (implying the engine isn’t running, Which is quite different to an RPM value of 0, the minimum possible value.

Pressure sensors on the other hand may have negative and positive ranges say -1 BAR to 5 BAR, but a sensor fail will be indicated with -32768.

We need that data, however when using the Data Explorer that data causes the RPM trend to almost disappear as it the operational range might be sitting between 1300 and 1340 RPM, plus these outliers at -32768. Obviously the graph isn’t very useful in that scenario.

On the dashboard we have ability of limiting the MIN/MAX scales to make the graphs meaningful. Could that be added to the Data Explorer ?

Also in another conversation re: Dashboard widgets the possibility of applying some function (expression) to the data prior to the aggregation could be possible. That would be another way of dealing with these outliers.




This is perfect feedback! Adjusting the scale will likely be a common request. I’ve added the request as a ticket.


No problems. It’s good to see all the improvements.

Just coming back to the topic of outliers in data. These also affect mean values over time.

This is another good example of why applying a filter expression prior to any aggregation would be really useful.




@Tim_Hoffman we’ve added support for axis domain definition (setting mins and max’s on the scales) in the updated Data Explorer. Read more about it here -


Been playing with this a lot lately. Data explorer with axis scaling is really really useful for us.