Data table dashboards


Want to display table data on a dashboard. Not the new feature of putting a table on the dash which is great, rather pulling data from a table and charting/mapping it. Right now I only see the option to chart device data.


Would you mind sharing some of the types of data you’re storing in Data Tables?


hey brandon - would like to pull, store and visualize external data like weather and chart it against our sensor data to look for correlations. Wed also like to do some heavy math on the sensor data and push it back to a table for the same kind of analysis and viz


Data Tables are a good fit for the analysis results. For the weather data, I might recommend using a device and attributes to store that. The underlying mechanism for device data is much better suited for storing and retrieving time series data like that.

We do have a “custom/advanced” visualization block coming soon that will allow you to query a data table and then present that data pretty much anyway you want. That should work well for you needs.


Yeah that new feature sounds like what wed need. hate to have to either overload devices with what could become a ton of external data, nor would it be great to have to start using separate devices which count against out limits. Any idea when that advanced block is coming out?