Data explorer block

I have a doubt
Is it possible to view the data explorer inside a dashboard?
I found an example on the templates page to use the data explorer as an experience page, but I need to view the data explorer along with other device attributes.
I tried to copy the source code from the data explorer experience page to an html block, but it didn’t work.

help please :sob:

Hi @Jonatas_Liasch,

Right now, there is not a great 1-to-1 for the data explorer to be viewed on dashboards. We have the Device State Table block that may get you close.

The Time Series Chart, as well, can get you pretty close to viewing device attributes over time. You can also view past states of the dashboard by changing the date & time in the top right.

Could you tell me more about your use case? What types of users are viewing this data? Could you tell me what features of the Data Explorer are missing from Dashboards?

Thank you,


As a follow-up, if an experience page is something that could work for you, you can use the {{element}} helper as a way to display a dashboard on the page that is also rendering the data explorer.

So, in this case, you would create a new experience page for the Data Explorer, and then add the helper in the template’s page where you want the dashboard to render (i.e. above or below the Data Explorer elements).

Let me know if this helps


hi @Heath
what I want to visualize is a production graph of a machine, what I need to visualize is the production of a specific day (for example: I want to see the production of last Monday), but without changing the other information on the dashboard , because they show the production in real time.
what would be the best option for me was if the graphics block could select a specific moment in the graphics control
but I’m going to test this control of the date and time you mentioned, I think it will work for me.

Thanks for your help :grinning:

Jonatas Liasch

great idea
I didn’t know this function, I’ll do a test.

thank you so much