Building a dashboard table

I’d like to be able to display on my dashboard a table of data that I create via a workflow. My device reports to me a list of IDs (think of them as items that are present or not) and I’d like to then display a table in the dashboard of names of items that correspond to the IDs of the items that are present. The id/name is stored in a data table that the workflow can reference. Can this be done in a dashboard Data Table?


The current Data Table dashboard block is designed to display device state data. We’ll be renaming that block in the upcoming release to remove the confusion. The block was created before we released the Data Table storage feature.

Data Tables are a new addition to the platform and we’re still investigating the best ways to display that data on a dashboard. Currently dashboards are centered around displaying device state data. We’ll be pushing additional updates in the coming months to expose additional dashboard functionality.

Your input here is very helpful for us in determine what features we’ll ultimately need to provide. Thanks!

In the simplest case I’d like to have a template block à la node-red dashboard template. I realize that doing so and maintaining that wall between devices and workflows is not easy, but that would cover a large number of use cases. If that block is of course embeddable it takes care of my needs nicely.


Has there been any movement of displaying data tables on a dashboard? I cannot find a way to visualise them at the moment.



We haven’t been receiving a huge amount of demand (compared to other requests), so we’ve been prioritizing other features up until now. I’ll bump the priority on a Data Table dashboard block ticket. Thanks!


I also think visualizing a Data Table would be useful, as well as being able to filter the data displayed based on context variables or tags.

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