Best way to look at current telemetry data for all devices?

I have a couple of fields with telemetry data that I would like to view for all of my devices, most current data that is. In fact I’d like to query that data for all devices at the same time.

What is the best way to do this? Can it be done through dashboards? Should I just export every time I want to view this data? or other?

I recommend using the Device State Table. To see all devices, you will need to ensure every device has the same tag. The value of the tag doesn’t matter, we just need a tag so we can query all device where that tag exists.

Here’s an example:

  1. I selected Last received data point
  2. I selected every device that has the DeviceRecipe tag.
  3. I added the Nc attribute.

The resulting table contains a row for each device with its most recently report Nc value. You can add as many attribute columns as you’d like.

thank you very much for your response.

Question, in what menu is the “Device State Table” found?

thanks Again

It’s a Dashboard block. So you’ll first need to create a dashboard and then click the Add Block button to add the block to your dashboard.

ok I’ll give that a shot

That worked, thank you @Brandon_Cannaday .

I now have a new incentive to see what else I can accomplish with Dashboards.

quick question, is editing a block possible? I just don’t see an option for editing. A quick scan of the Dashboard section in the documentation doesn’t show how to edit a block. I see edit block settings, am I missing it? If I am I apologize I just don’t see it.

When you hover over a block, a gear icon will appear in the top-right corner of the block. Clicking that icon will show a menu where one of the options is Edit Settings.

Hi Brandon,

When building a new block using the device state table template I would like to have the device id field appear as an active link to our portal page.

the url to currently view a device in our portal is;

would you be so kind as to reply back with a sample of the format and where I would enter it to create a link in the final block that will take me to the device in my portal?

Nevermind this request, I worked at it until I figured it out. thanks again for your help Brandon.



Sounds like you figured it out, but I’ll drop an answer anyway for other users. I like to use markdown and make a “Details” link in each row that links to the specific device. So the cell template is:


And here’s a screenshot of my configuration: