Equipment information

I have about 8 fields of equipment specific information, like serial numbers, equipment type, model, etc that we’d like to show on a dashboard (experience) page. Its just textual information. However, I’m wondering the best place to store this information, which will not change after device activation? I was thinking a Data Table or using Device Tags.

With the Data Table approach, i could use the Data Table block to show the information. With the Device Tags, i could pass that down as pageData and then put each tag in context variables and reference them in a Section Header block.

Any suggestions or alternative approaches?


For the information you mentioned ( serial numbers, equipment type, model), Device Tags are the perfect place to put that; mostly because it’s data that’s associated ( or used to classify ) a device.

The real benefit of Tags is Device Queries. But, if don’t need to query on this information and just need it for display purposes, you can use other methods.

It really depends on how you want to show the information. If in a table, yes, the Data Table route would be appropriate as well.

Also, (this isn’t in the Docs but we’re adding it now), you can use Context Variables within Indicator Blocks. So, if you simply wanted to display the information (and not in a Section Header), you can do so.

Overall, the Device Tags / Context Variable is the route that I would take.

I do prefer to display it in a table however the Data Table block is a bit raw looking and that you can’t really customize the format or pretty it up for end user consumption by omitting unnecessary columns, changing column widths, etc.

There is a pending ticket to make the Device List Block be able to show things like Device Tags. I updated it with this post.

If this data is being shown to the customer, another option you have is to make/style you’re own table in Experience Views. Then, you have full control of how it looks to an experience user.

are there any concerns with bringing 8 or 10 context variables for each tag to a dashboard page (experience) in terms of system limits or page load speed, etc?

So, in your context variable for a Device ID, you can choose to ”Include full device info in context”. This will actually just return all of the tags for that device as well. No need to create a bunch of variables :slight_smile:

whoah, that is awesome. I had no idea that was there. Is that new?