Data Explorer : Missing Data in my Data Export Excel Files for certain dates


One of my customers requested Data Export from Losant for period 10/15/2020 to 02/08/2021
for 8 of his devices (sensors), my issue is when I enter both start and end dates for just one sensor at a time, my export files does not include all data related to the period of time mentioned before, so for that I have to shorten the period between start and end date to two days at a time to get all data included in the export files but then instead of having one file that has all data, I have multiple separate files for 2 days of data over the whole period of time requested which is approximately 4 months of data.

I have attached two files:
File 1- Data export file - Sensor 19040079 for start date : 10/15/2020 End date 02/08/2021 (that has missing data proven in the second file)
File 2- Data Export file for all sensors including 19040079 for start date: 01/10/2021 00:00:01 to End Date 01/11/2021 23:59:01 showing data in January for 19040079 which is missing in file 1.

Please I need help to be able to provide to my customer a single file for each device that includes all data for period 10/15/2020 End date 02/08/2021 instead of doing multiple files per 2 days for all sensors, this would help the customer generate charts easily out of a single file per device rather than spending time merging x number of files and then plotting it.

Please let me know for further clarification.

Thanks again!

19040079 data-export.csv (1.4 MB)

01-10 to 01-11 data-export.csv (1.7 MB)


We’re digging into this right now. I would highly recommend, though, that you do not share private device data in our forums as our forums are public.

I will keep you updated as we look into this issue for you.

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Thanks @Heath appreciate your help!


Would you be able to tell me how you are exporting the device data? Are you using the Data Explorer?

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Yes! I am using Data Explorer.


Thank you for clarifying that. The “Export to CSV” button on this page only exports the table that is being seen on the page, and, in some cases, there may be too much data for the browser/table to handle, and therefore some data is not presented there.

So, if there is too much data and some is not rendered, and you export that table, then you may have missing data.

To make sure that you do get all of your data for your device in the specified time range, I would recommend that you go to your device and in the Device Actions menu, click Request Data Export. This will open up a modal which will allow you to pick a specific time range.


Once you click “Request Data Export”, we gather that data on our side, and then send you an email with a link for you to download the CSV.

If you are looking for data for multiple devices, you can go to the devices table, filter the table, and then in the menu in the top right, again select Request Data Export, and the same thing will happen, but with the filters applied to the devices.


Please let me know this helps, or if you need any further help!

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Thanks for your help @Heath! I knew you guys would figure it out, my customers are gonna be so happy to hear the news. :smiley: :+1: