[SOLVED] Export / delete data

Not sure if this is a feature request or if I’m missing the option somewhere, but …

  1. Is there a way to download all/select collected data, such as in CSV format?
  2. Is there a way to remove/delete stored data?

Last, are there plans to add a Google Docs connector? I’d love to send sensor value updates to a spreadsheet.

  1. Not currently, but it’s something we’ve been asked for before. I think it’s a great idea!
  2. If you delete the device, the data will be removed. There’s currently not a way to pick and delete specific data. How would you like to remove/delete data?

As for Google Docs, we do have plans integrate directly with Google Sheets. We actually wrote a blog article demonstrating how to use IFTTT as a middle man between Losant and Sheets.

Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming.

Thanks for all your replies today Brandon!

Data delete/removal - I imagine this would initially be best as two options: 1) clear out all data collected from the device and 2) clear out selected data from specific variables sent from the device.

Ideally, I think it would be great to have a “Data” view for each device where it shows all the fields/variables that have data, how many entires, option to view the last 5/10/100 entries, and an option to delete: each data point, each variable’s data, and reset/clear the entire table (all data). Along side each of the delete icons, there would be a download icon which would export the entire data table or individual fields as CSV, XLS, etc.

I’ll be checking out the blog article. Love the idea of using IFTTT anyway but haven’t explored it.

Historical data access is a must for our applications. We would need to be able to:

  1. Extract historical data for a specified period of time and be able to download it in CVS format.
  2. Delete data for a specified period of time
  3. It would be most desirable to be able to do this for each attribute

Has there been any development on the ability to export recorded data? This is an essential element in my workflow. I am currently testing out the platform, and may have to look elsewhere until this is a feature.

Thanks for checking in Chris! It is currently in the high priority queue to get implemented. Can you share any details about your workflow so we can make sure it meets your requirements?

Brandon, thanks for replying quickly. I’m currently recording sensor data which I need to download and analyze in excel to find trend-lines and understand sensor accuracy.

I’m currently using https://thingspeak.com/ to store and graph data. They have a simple “Clear Channel” button and a “Download Channel” button. Both are pretty self explanatory, and the download is a .csv file with the time-stamp in column 1 and all of the fields associated with the channel following after.

I am currently fine tuning the accuracy and performance of the device, so being able to record a days worth of data, download / analyze it, and clear out the data for the next session is very convenient.

In the future, it would also be very convenient to have a way to define “sessions” or otherwise group the data instead of having a continuous infinite stream.

Awesome feedback, thanks! This is very helpful.

When will I know if / when the feature will be added?

The functionality is on our staging environment now. We need to design some proper UX, but I see no reason it won’t be available next week or the week after.

Device data export and delete is now live. Details on the blog: https://www.losant.com/blog/introducing-dashboard-controls-twilio-webhook

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Great work guys, thanks for listening and making this feature available!

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Thanks for adding this feature, and the data explorer is also very helpful.

I finally got around to the project that I’ve been working on, and tried to download a full day’s worth of data. I’m assuming the “request data export” feature is going to work (only clicked the button a few minutes ago) however, I can see how it would be a bit much to get all of my data every time if I only want today’s data.

So I went over the the data explorer page, which was very useful, and saw the “export to CSV” button. This is exactly what I need because I can select the time range I’m interested in… however there is no option to NOT aggregate the data.

Would it be possible to add a None options under aggregation so that I can see and download the raw data? (they’re coming in once every 15 seconds)

We’ll look into adding this functionality to our data explorer. We also have an open request to add time range selectors to the “request data export” feature you also referenced. I’m hoping to have that out in the next couple weeks, and I’ll keep you posted on its progress.

Thanks. That would work fine for my needs.

The ability to export or delete data for a particular time range is out now. We also still have on our roadmap to allowing viewing unaggregated data in the data explorer - that should hopefully be released early next year.

We now allow viewing of unaggregated data within the data explorer; note, however, that there are limits on the number of data points that can be displayed at any given time.

More information can be found here -