Time from Chart information available?

Is there a way that the PageData information is changed on Losant when a user changes the timeframe range (see example below)?


Hi @Leo_Bach1,

Please let me know if I have misunderstood your question or miss anything :smiley:. Your screenshot seems to be pointing to the duration and resolution of your Velocity block. It looks as though state was last reported for device 42003 about 6 days ago, so setting a duration of 60 minutes (from now) will not display any data in the block since there is no entry in that time period. When I set the block to a duration of 7 days, I was able to see the drop off when state was last reported.


Sorry I’m not worried about missing data. I want to use the timeframe that a user selects in a chart to do something. What I want to do is know what timeframe/range the user has selected on their charts and query an external database for some other data from that range. Is there something that I could be monitoring that would let me know:

  1. What is the users current selected timeframe? (range to query from database)
  2. That the user made a change to the timeframe. (requery database upon user selection)

Hopefully this is a clearer picture of what I was asking in the question above.
I’m trying to understand if Losant or the browser make some event happen that would provide me with this range of information that I could use.

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Hi @Leo_Bach1,

Great, thanks so much for that information. I discussed with our Education Lead and believe the Custom HTML Block may be the solution for your use case. The Custom HTML Block will actually receive a queryChange event when a query changes. Then, when the query changes, you can make a request to an Experience Endpoint with the data to then query your database.

Let me know if this is not what you were aiming to do or if this solution is not ideal for your use case!