[Solved] "Save report" in data explorer

Data explorer is becoming a really invaluable tool for us. But it could really use a save report template kind of thing.
A user could spend a whole lot of time setting the date range, picking the correct devices, setting aggregation preferences, graph styling, graph scaling, etc etc but have to come back and build that report from scratch all over again if they leave the window.

If you had the ability to save your preferences somehow that would be great. Even if its a simple “save this view / restore last view” kind of button without a full report naming thing.

All of the Data Explorer options are placed on the URL. This means you should be able to configure everything you’d like and then copy the URL and share it with anyone else. When they paste the URL all of those setting will be applied.

Great thanks Brandon will def use that trick

Can that be reached from an experience?

The Data Explorer cannot be directly embedded into an Experience. Only members of your Losant Organization, with access granted to the specific application, can access the Data Explorer.