Builder Kit - Temperature fluctuations >100º

When I connected the temperature sensor I Initially received negative values, similar to an issue that someone had - Structure Builder Kit

The values jumped to room temperature for some time 5-15 mins, then jumped up to 100º and higher. Any thoughts as to what and how I can fix this?

Seems like the voltage divider might not be working and the ADC is getting the full value instead of it divided. As a first attempt, please try re-seating the connection between ground and the voltage divider. Just pull the red jumper wire out and push it back in. Next try removing the two resistors and then pushing them back in. The solderless breadboards aren’t always the best and forming solid connections.

I will try that Brandon, Thank You for the quick response. I will post if that fixes ASAP.

Would lead wire lengths have anything to do with this? In an attempt to fix last night, I replaced many of the wires with shorter ones that were supplied with the kit.

The length shouldn’t have any impact, up to a certain point, like several meters. The most common cause of TMP36 issues we’ve seen is just bad connections. Seems like the temperature sensor exposes those particularly well.

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