Overlay on images

I am not sure if this is a bug or not. It was working yesterday and today it is failing.
I have a “value” obtained from a device attribute to be shown as an overlay on an image in the dashboard. The value is not getting updated and is showing some value that was streamed before. However to verify, I added a Gauge widget outside of the overlay, it shows the correct value that has been sent.
Any issued seen with overlays and values from device attributes ? anything to be recycled at your end?

I have a demo going in an hour, it is failing… need some answer if possible

Hi @Sreyams_Jain1,

Would you be able to include a screenshot of your dashboard, as well as your configuration for the block?


High temp gauge is the value I streamed and it should be shown instead of 194.69 on the overlay. Similarly 105 (low temp gauge value) to be shown instead of 68.15.

The streamed value is coming from the same device/attribute



Hi @Sreyams_Jain1,

I am seeing a couple of issues within your application. It seems you are running into multiple errors when reporting state:

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 3.39.38 PM

One of these errors shows that state is being reported in the future. When utilizing a live stream block, this can cause a lot of issues and is likely the reason your blocks are not updating. I would recommend resolving these errors, then observing your dashboard to ensure the issue has been fixed.


I have verified and cannot find issues related to errors you have indicated. Not sure what to do.
Is there a way I can show my dashboard online and help identify the issue - may be tomorrow?

Hey @Sreyams_Jain1,

In the Application Log, or Device Log (for this device), are you able to see the “State was recorded but the timestamp was in the future” messages?

Hi Taron,

Thanks for pointing out on this time discrepancy. I corrected the time when I send the data (“time”: “2020-02-04T09 :14:00.000Z”).
It showed correctly. However on the line chart I am trying to show the series, it is showing the data point with date time as “time”: “Feb 4, 2020
04:14:00”. Why is the
in error?









Hi @Sreyams_Jain1,

It looks as though your first time is UTC while the second time may be GMT time that has been D3 formatted. Could you include a screenshot of this chart?