Missing Attribute in Device?

Dashboard ID: 5d9264aa6cdb3e0006f151f5

I have a device with six attributes.
In the Device -> Debug section, I can clearly see all six attribute data coming in via a Webhook, and then into the Device.

However, when I create a new block in the Dashboard, I only see FOUR of the attributes from the device. I’m confused why I don’t see all six attributes???

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Hi @Mark_Nicholson,

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Could you attach a screenshot your block configuration?

Hmm… block config?

Here’s a screen shot of the Dashboard…

…and in the settings of one block, I have:
-Date Type: Historical
-Duration: Last received data point
-Block Data:
DeviceID: My_Device
Attribute: -again, I only see four attributes here… but would expect to see all six??-

I see, thanks for the info!

So, the Gauge Block can only display attributes of type Number. Is it possible that 2 of the attributes on that device aren’t of type Number?

You can see all the details of each config option here:

Thanks, again!

The attributes all look like numbers to me:

…and the debug section of the Device shows these values coming in:

…which is why I’m stumped why I don’t see them as attributes for a new block. :grimacing:

Hi @Mark_Nicholson,

I took a look at your dashboard and believe I have located the problem. In your dashboard, you have a two blocks that are configured to display the attribute GPS from your device. However, there is not an attribute on your device named GPS, so no data is being displayed, and the blocks look as though state was never reported.

Renaming one of your attributes or creating a new one called “GPS” would solve this, or you can choose another existing attribute to display in the blocks.

Let me know if I can help further!

Thanks @JuliaKempf - appreciate all the great feedback!

Ah yes… I kind of abandoned the GPS info (for now)… and was trying to just get one of the attributes such as signalStrength, pressure, or battery to show in the dashboard.

I see those coming in (look valid), but can’t figure out why (in the dashboard) I can’t select them as attributes.

I did go back and add a GPS data type for the device… and removed those GPS blocks in the dashboard (just in case those were causing an issue). ???

I guess I’m still trying to figure out how to put signalStrength, pressure, or battery in the dashboard via a block (if I can’t see them as attributes in the edit-block)?

Hmm… found out they’re showing up as values in the Dashboard context… I don’t think I need to enable them (this is just FYI… and good to see them somewhere):

Ah! If I setup one of those variables as a context… then I can select it as an attribute in the block.
??? I dunno… it’s reporting what I want (now) in the dashboard, but this seems like the long way to go about getting it? Open to suggestions. :grinning:

Hi @Mark_Nicholson,

The source of this issue is not clear to me, when I visit your Gauge Block, I am able to scroll and see all of your attributes:

Could you provide your browser and version?


ARGH! Exactly what I was looking for.
It must have been a browser issue… I checked Chrome on another computer and all the attributes came up fine… went back to main computer and refreshed the browser view, and now they’re showing up A-OK. Thanks for the patience… really appreciate it.