Deleted attributes still showing in dashboard


I have several devices that were receiving incorrect data and reporting it to a dashboard ‘device list’ table. I fixed the issue and pressed “delete data” on each device. However, while the dashboard should now show blank fields for each device’s attributes, it is still showing the (now deleted) incorrect data.

Data downloads for each device have 0 entries–i.e., the device data has been deleted–so I have two questions:

  1. where is this deleted data still being stored?
  2. how can I remove it from my dashboard?

Hi @Tyler_Quehl , and welcome to the Losant forums.

I think I need a lot more information before I can answer your question - specifically…

  • What is the configuration applied to the dashboard blocks you are referring to? Can you include screenshots?
  • Are you still seeing the deleted data in the Data Explorer?
  • Did you delete a range of data for the incorrect period, but those devices had valid data prior to that period, and is that the date you are now seeing on the dashboard?

The more information you can provide, the better. Thanks.

Hi Dylan,

I appreciate your response. I’ve just checked the dashboard and the deleted data is no longer showing up. It must’ve just taken some extra time to refresh the block.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the configuration if you still want to see.


Good to hear. FYI attribute data is stored in our time series database and it is deleted from there almost immediately after the request comes in.

My theory is that last attribute values per device are cached for a brief period (a few minutes) and perhaps we are not deleting that cache when an attribute is deleted. I will look into that further.