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For showing data tables in the dashboard, is there a way to remove the columns “id” “updated” “created”? just to keep things in the dashboard more organized and not show irrelevant columns for my data

Also, when i use the refresh button for my dashboard, the data tables wont update. I have to refresh the entire link or open up a new browser for the data tables in the dashboard to refresh. is this a bug?

Hi @Elisa_Cui,

There is not a way to remove these columns as they are the default columns of the Data Table. This question was asked previously and a Feature Request was created, so be sure to add a vote to that post as well.

Your second question has also been answered within the Forums, you can find that response here. Please let me know if I can elaborate further on these questions.


Hi @Elisa_Cui,

I just wanted to follow up to inform you that your Feature Request for automatic refreshing of the Data Table Block was released with our recent Platform Release. As always, thank you for your suggestions and feedback, they are vital in improving the Losant Platform!

Have a great day,

How about the “…hide…ID,createdAt and updatedAt…” feature, is that still 'on the future release updates’ list? Thx, :red_circle:


The ticket is in our system! Unfortunately, we can’t give exact dates but when this is released, we will reach out and let you know. we added this post to the ticket :slight_smile:

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:+1: Thanks, :red_circle: