Image widget / widget overlay settings


This was previously requested here

But I’d like to add to this request and also bump it

  1. Simple image widget goes along way (especially if you are add animates gif options to it

  2. Image background option for other widgets, also with animate gif, and with changing images for different states. So temp graph will show hot sun if you temp is above 90 and snow if below 32

I realize that that creating experience pages is probably a good solution for #1 but still image widget will come very handy.



The image with data overlay is something that we’re seeing a lot of demand for. It’s currently a priority for us to get done. Should be a really cool block.

As for showing a gif, you can get most of the way there using an indicator block. The indicator block accepts any markdown, including image tags. So you can add a few conditions for the various gifs you’d like to display and then set the content to an image:


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Cool i’ll keep an eye for that overlay feature, thanks for the how-to on showing the gif.



I’ve used a indicator block to show different custom jpg images based on the current condition. It updates the image as the status changes.

The data over images is really what we need though since it allows ultimate flexibility. Looking forward to it.



Can you share some of your ideas on how and when to use it?



I created a jpg image of a tank with fill levels from 0 to 100% full in 10% increments and I had the indicator widget show the image with the tank level showing whatever level it was at at the time by calling that specific JPG image to be displayed.



and how are you’re thinking about using image overlay for graphs?



Ideally, I would like the ability to create an image in Photoshop to be my dashboard background and then have the ability to place variable data any place on top of that background image and have the ability to change its size, color, and font to best suit where I’m placing it.

This way you could create any type fo background you want, like a product rendering or display so it matches the look and style that is on your actual product if that makes sense.

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Yes it does, from what the team told me, experience pages will get a lot of love in 2018, including the ability to add individual components to them, so that will be a great place to achieve what you are saying.

Let’s see :slight_smile:

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