Image Overlay Block zoom option

Can the [Image Overlay] block’s zoom option be turned ‘off/unselected’ somehow when displaying in the UX dashboard?
Thanks, :red_circle:

If the dashboard is being rendered inside an Experience Page, you could add some CSS to target those selectors and add a display: none to them. However, that would not disable the user’s mouse interactions that allow for zooming the map in (double-clicking or drawing a box while holding the shift key). Keep in mind also that, depending on the user’s browser size and display preferences, disabling zooming may be a huge detriment to them.

That said, I’ll add a feature request to disallow zooming in that block and the Position Chart.

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Ok, I’ll try the CSS suggestion since it is an XP page… In this very particular use case/project example it is not a detriment but, actually, kinda in ‘the way’ of things and zooming in/out doesn’t really change anything:

Definitely a ‘feature request’ for sure, thanks! :red_circle:

Based on the screenshots it looks like you’re using the Image Overlay Block to show a weather forecast. An Indicator Block may do you better here. It does support Markdown, which would allow you to put those custom images for sunrise, sunset, and weather conditions in place based on the values you pull from device state.

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@Dylan_Schuster sir, thank you! I was completely on the wrong track here; thanks for the change in direction - the Indicator Block was indeed the best course of action here:
…and no more pesky +/- zoom buttons! :smiley: :+1: :red_circle: