Partial use of Image overlay block

I like the features of the “Image Overlay” block where I can change the color of markers based on the signal status. Since the positioning must be based on where the markers are compared to the image used, I’m guessing I can not get rid of the (+|-) zoom button in this block, right?
The reason of me asking is that in this particular dashboard, I don’t need an image to overlay on, I just need 8 lines of label text, where a marker , next to the text,would change color based on signal status.
Is there maybe another block that would be better suited for this?

What data is backing your 8 lines of text? For example, does each line represent a different attribute of the same device? Or is each line a different device indicating the value of attribute? Or is it a mix of the two?

Each line of text is static description of an Alarm.
The color change is based on an alarm bit (0 or 1) from an attribute

And are those 8 different attributes of one device, or 8 devices all with the same attribute? The answer to that question could change my recommendation on how you could get the behavior you seek.

One device , 8 attributes.

In that case, short of using the Custom HTML Block, I don’t have a perfect solution to get you what you’re looking for; however, I can think of a couple workarounds …
If the dashboard in question is being used in an application experience, you could write some custom CSS to hide the +/- buttons in the image overlay. However, I do not recommend that as users could still zoom the block using their mouse / trackpad, and the absence of buttons to reset their zoom could lead to a bad experience.

You could also try using the Input Controls Block to get something akin to what you’re looking for. In the attached screenshot, I’m using a combination of help blocks alongside toggle switches whose default values are dynamically set by query.

The downside is the user could unlock the block and change the value of the toggles, but in the absence of a button in the input controls block, they can’t really cause any damage.

Would the input toggle switches refresh with dashboard auto refresh, or does the whole page need to be refreshed?

The toggle switches will update whenever the dashboard data refreshes. No whole-page-refresh needed.