Image Overlay not responsive

Good morning. I am contacting you to see if I can solve a problem I have with the Image Overlay block.

I have designed a panel that shows an image with different indicators and in case of alert they are shown in red. The block works perfectly, but my problem is the size of the screen.

For the size of the screen where I have been designing it, it works correctly, as you can see in the following image:

The problem is that if the screen starts to become small, the block starts to distribute badly:

And if we are on a mobile device, even if we use Fullscreen the whole drawing gets sloppy:

I am contacting you in case you can give me some help to manage this block, as I see that the configuration options are limited, letting you put only coordinates of origin of an element and select one of 3 sizes.

Thanks, best regards.

Hi @IoT_Hub,

Right now there is not a way for you to make the image inside the Image Overlay block responsive. There is an open feature request for this, though, so I will add your +1 to that feature and keep you updated with anything I learn about it.

Thank you,

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Thank you very much Heath, I will be waiting for further news.

Best regards.