Uploading suddenly stopped

Hello Losant team,
I’m doing a project in my University with three sound Sensnodes and uploading a value from each one every second. So a total of 3 values per second.
I am faced with the problem that the upload from the third sensor suddenly stops. 3 values per second seem to be too much.
Is this because I’m using the free version?!Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-06 um 09.53.54|639x500

My other question is, can I round up the shown number? e.g. in the attached figure the number 35.8213925 to 35.8?

Hey @Masa_Fahel

I would love to learn a bit more about what you’re experiencing. Does the third sensor report it’s state for some time, and then stop? Does the device in question ever disconnect?

We limit device state to be reported at a rate of 2 per second. This limit is platform-wide, and not because you have a Sandbox Account.

My other question is, can I round up the shown number? e.g. in the attached figure the number 35.8213925 to 35.8?

You sure can! You can use a Format Helper to round that value, specifically, the format helper which follows D3 formatting.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you!

Thank you,

Thank you for your answer and your great service,
my project idea is to measure sound pressure in a big office (multi person office). For this I have distributed sound sensors in the room, each of these sensors sends a value per second to the cloud.

My plan was to try three scenarios to choose the right number of sensors. the first scenario with a one sound sensor in the middle of the room which sends 1 value per second, the second scenario with two distributed sensors and the third scenario with 3 distributed sensors. in the first tow scenarios everything worked perfectly.
But in the third scenario, where 3 values per second are sent to the cloud, there were always interruptions especially with the last device that was connected to the cloud. In general, the data transmission in this scenario (with 3 sensors) was very unstable :neutral_face:
Is that because the limitation of of 2 per second, which you said?
Thank you very much!

Hi @Masa_Fahel,

The 2 per second rate which I had previously described is per device, therefore at a rate of 1 per second for each of your devices should not be a problem.

Would you be able to tell me a bit more about how your devices are connecting and communicating with Losant? Is it via MQTT? How are the devices configured inside Losant?

Any additional information you can provide is very helpful!

Thank you,