Message Throttling


i make that one project that use your interface and i dont know how to send informacion about that IDE arduino, I searched on Losant and i found this topic,

"Message Throttling

Incoming and outgoing messages are each limited to 30 messages in a 15-second window (or, on average, two per second). If you exceed this limit, the device generating the messages is automatically disconnected."

how to make this end ? Do you have any system that make this ?


Hi @Murillo_Cruz,

I may need a bit more clarification on your question, but the “message throttling” error message will arise when messages are sent too quickly to Losant. What project are you working on and where can it be located? Are you currently sending data to Losant?



hi Julia, yes i am sending data for lostant.

My problem is :

i have one device and sending 3 data for the lostant, but when i sending 2 data in one second, its works normal

when i sending 3 in one second , the losant disconnect.

I do not know if there is a way I can send 3 data to the lasant at once, maybe a part of the losant that gives me this availability to be able to send the 3 data in on second or more.




Hi @Murillo_Cruz,

Losant has a hard rate limit of two messages per second for incoming and outgoing messages. Since it is a hard-limited resource, there is not a way to increase the allowed number. You can read more about hard-limited resources here.



Okay, would the losant have any paid resources to enforce this limit?

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