SMS/email throttling

Greetings. We currently have a scenario where 3 levels of e-mail/SMS (admin, user 1 and 2) work fine most times. But when certain events (such as door open/close) happen various times in a minute or so, of course Losant will throttle the SMS or e-mail responses, creating confusion on users:

Any suggestions on how to send multiple SMS/e-mail when needed from Losant/other? Thanks, :red_circle:

I do have a suggestion, but you may not like it. :slight_smile:

As we note in our documentation for the Email Node and SMS Node, we suggest utilizing these nodes only for proofs of concept and small, personal projects for exactly the reasons you describe here: Because these nodes are throttled and, in the case of the SMS Node, come with per-message cost limits.

We instead recommend you use the SendGrid Node and Twilio Node respectively. That will require setting up an account with each service and probably moving to one of their paid plans, but it is the best way to ensure delivery of your messages out of the Losant workflow engine.

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@Dylan_Schuster , no worries - this is exactly what we wanted to know/validate. Thanks for the info. :red_circle: