Workflow not sending email

I have a workflow set up, that’s showing that its running without fault, however the email and sms events are not being received.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Both the Email Node and the SMS Node have fields where you can put the result of their execution on the payload. The first step to debugging this issue would be to do that and see what the result is.

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m afraid I don’t completely follow what you mean,

I can see the Result Path option, but I don’t know what that will do and where it will show debugging data.

You’ll have to add Debug Nodes after the SMS/Email Nodes. Debug Nodes print messages to the Debug Panel. You’ll have to keep your browser tab open to see the messages.

As for possible reasons why the nodes are failing:

  1. The SMS Node is for evaluation purposes only and has strict rate and per-message-cost limits. It’s likely that message sent to non-US numbers will be blocked since our underlying provider (Twilio) charges more for those. For production applications, we recommending obtaining your own Twilio account and using the Twilio Node.
  2. The Email Node is also for evaluation purposes only and it’s very likely those messages are being sent to your recipient’s spam folder. To avoid spam filters, email services require very specific configuration tied to your company’s domain. The built-in Email Node does not have this configuration since it’s shared across all users. Similar to the SMS Node, we recommend getting your own Sendgrid account and using the SendGrid Node.

Thanks Brandon, for some reason the emails have now started to come through, the sms hasn’t but that’s no big deal, I can live without that for now. Thank you for your help once again!