Email node is deleted, but emails are still being sent out

Hi everyone,

I’ve created an email node, which works fine. In the process of doing so, I’ve accidentally deleted the whole workflow instead of the node.

A couple hours later, losant support restored the original workflow, and I was able to upload it. I’ve deleted the email node, but the emails keep on coming.

Not sure if there is a fix for this?

Hey @Eson_Zhao,

Welcome to the forums!

I can confirm from our email logs that you are receiving emails every 5 minutes. I’ve inspected your workflows and I cannot determine where the emails are coming from. Our engineers will dig deeper to find the workflow that is sending emails to your address.

This was a mistake on our side @Eson_Zhao. When recovering your workflow, I wrote it to our staging environment first to generate the import file I sent you, and then accidentally left that workflow enabled. Sorry about the issue.