Slow the rate of transmission of old data from Edge Agent



The fact that the edge agent retains and plays back messages not sent once connection is re-established is good.

However I find it tries to push old data too fast. This results in rate-limited disconnection for a period.
Could you add a dial/setting in the config to allow the rate of playback to be controlled, and possibly how far back we would like retained messages to be replayed ?




The “how far back” is a neat idea, I’ll file a feature for that.

For the rate-limiting, though, Losant allows an edge agent to bypass rate limits for the first minute after connecting (specifically for this scenario). In your case, is there so much data that it is taking longer than that first minute to send up those retained messages?


Hi Micaheal

Yes agent normally udpates every 3 seconds, and was offline due to cell service issues for 15 hours.