Edge Agent Behavior V1.9.0 and V1.10.0

Hi All,

I am investigating two issues with Edge Gateway connected via Embedded LTE Modem:

  1. Edge Agent V1.9.0. Device connects to Losant after power on and disappears after exact 24 Hours. There are a few other things I am checking in parallel, but I am wondering if it is something that announced as fixed in v1.9.1
  2. Edge Agent V1.10.0. Just installed it yesterday to try. Edge Agent seems to connect/disconnect from Losant Every 5 hours. Is it as designed?

I would appreciate some knowledge shared on these cases.

Hi Alexander,

Just as a note, you can always find the Changelog of the Edge Agent in the docs.

However, no, the agent is not designed to reconnect every 5 hours. That is weird behavior. The best way to know what’s going on is to check out the agent logs.

You can get to the logs in one of two ways.

  1. If you configured the logger in your config file, you can find the logs where you configured them to be.
  2. If you have not configured them, you can find them using the docker logs command.

Any supplementary information would be helpful.

Hi Taron,

Yes, I’ve seen the Agent Versioning document. This log message made my mind to post a question here:
## 1.9.1 - 2019-06-13 * Fixed race condition introduced in 1.9.0 that would cause the agent to crash on startup in certain circumstances.

I will take a look at agent logs after finishing 24h test. I will share if anything valuable found. :slight_smile:

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Oh I see. Hmm. I’ll run this by the engineering team to see if that update is related to what you’re experiencing.

Also, you change the logger level for more verbose logging:

level = 'verbose'

It would provide the best info for the team. It’s recommended not to leave this on as it could generate a ton of logs :slight_smile:

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Some updates. The issue with 24H connection loss +V1.9.0 seems to be non-losant connected. I was able to reproduce the case. My device seems to be losing internet connection on its own.

Still investigating Re-Connection every 5H on V1.10.0 though

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Thank you so much for the updates! We look forward to your results.

Hi Taron,

Just wanted to follow up on Agent Disconnections via 4G/LTE and bring some testing results.
So, I’ve been experiencing two types of connection interruptions: every 5H and every 24H.
24H Interruption ended up being Cellular Operator related and we needed to do some work-around with modem scripts
5H interruptions do not repeat anymore with Agent Version 1.11 running on the same test set where those interruptions were detected previously.