Gauge Aggregation is not working

I am adding two devices in my gauge, and selecting only one of the attribute out of both devices attributes, as it allows only one to select.
What I want is help regarding the aggregate, as I am selecting “Sum” aggregator, its not summing at all but only showing the value of the attribute I already selected. I have check historic data box too.
What can I do to fix it. I really want a sooner reply. Please
Kindest regards

P.s. one device attribute has value of 1, other is 120. Sum should be 121.

Hello @Syed_Ibrahim_Khalil,

Welcome to the Losant Forums! The Gauge Block can only accept one attribute, so both devices would need to have the same attribute name in order to sum these values. So, for example, if you were to rename the attributes “Watts_Home_001” and “Watts_Home_002” to just “Watts_Home” for both devices, you would then be able to sum these values using the Gauge Block.